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THE FINE PRINT examines the ethics, people, processes, and systems that constitute the maintenance of, and barriers to, health for human beings.

I write through the prism of policy, ethics and the need for stable Public Health infrastructure.

With these articles, essays, visuals and conversations, the editor and interviewees are asking the seminal questions of our time: How do people define health, healthcare, and Public Health? What behaviors, values, priorities and business practices need to change now to restore faith in science and in healthcare institutions more broadly? How does political polarization harm Public Health? How can we arrest the historic levels of White Collar Healthcare Industry Crime? How can we slow the haste, speed and greed in the name of Do No Harm business practices and service models?

THE FINE PRINT includes high caliber photojournalism, art, essays, music, video and ongoing commentary about accountability around Global Health. From the need to de-mechanize and de-automate healthcare, to the perils of AI in healthcare, and much more, all topics are explored with Best Practice, Quality of Care, Patient Safety and Equality in mind.

THE FINE PRINT is committed to education, accountability and evidentiary, fact-based reportage and Tech For Good.

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Kimberly J. Soenen | Editor

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